Board of Directors

Pictured above are the current Board of Directors:

(From L to R) Johnny Tom (Tl’azt’en FN), Carl Pollard (CNC), Sue Grainger (CRC), Sean Kinsley(UNBC), Charlene Tom (Tl’azt’en FN), Pete Erickson (Nak’azdli FN), Che Elkin (UNBC), Barry Duncan (Tl’azt’en FN), Dexter Hodder (CRC).  Missing from picture: Chris Johnson (UNBC)Staff

Sue Grainger

Sue Grainger, RPF has been the General Manager of the JPRF since 1997. She is a Registered Professional Forester and has bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from Oregon State University. Originally from Prince George, B.C., she has worked in forestry since 1978 for a variety of employers including government, consultants, licensees and academe throughout British Columbia, the United States and the Philippines. contact




Dexter Hodder

Dexter Hodder (MSc) is the Director of Research and Education at the JPRF where he has worked since 2001. He plays an active role in forest management operations and manages the research and education programming. His research interests are wide and includes long-term ecological monitoring, field-based education, and exploring ways to integrate community values into forest management planning. Currently the majority of his research is focused on wildlife ecology (mostly meso-carnivores and ungulates), and seeks to understand how animals interact with each other and their environment in the context of a quickly changing landscape. contact


Shannon Crowley

Shannon has worked for the John Prince Research Forest as the Ecological Monitoring Coordinator since 2012. He received his BSc in Biology from the University of Alaska and his MSc in Natural Resources and Environmental studies from the University of Northern British Columbia. He has worked directly in the field of wildlife research and management for over 20 years and been a Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio) in British Columbia since 2012. Shannon’s graduate work was conducted in the John Prince Research Forest and focused on the habitat selection and diet of river otters.He is currently working on the development and implementation of a long-term monitoring strategy in the JPRF for wildlife and their habitat. The majority of Shannon’s past experience as well as current interests focus on the ecology and conservation of mesocarnivores including; impacts of forest changes, the use of the mesocarnivore community as an indicator guild of landscape change, the ecological basis of surveys used to assess and monitor wildlife populations, and the ecology and use of river otters as an indicator species of ecosystem health related to environmental contaminants. contact


Jason Mattess                                                                                                                                                          

Jason Mattess works as a forestry technician supporting forest operations in cruising and silviculture administration as well as collecting field research data. Jason is from the Tlazten Nation and has lived in the Fort St. James area off and on his whole life. He attended school at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) in Merritt and has worked in the forest industry in BC since he was 16 years old .  He enjoys the outdoors and working the bush in both forestry and wildlife work. contact