Facilities & Accommodations

The Cinnabar Research Station is located centrally in the John Prince Research Forest on the shores of Tezzeron Lake.  The Cinnabar Property is 4.5ha of lakeshore frontage which has been developed with 15 campsites.  It features accommodation for up to 25 people in 5 rustic cabins, industrial kitchen and dining room, shower facilities, laboratory, offices and classroom. 

The facility has cell and internet coverage and is accessible by all-season roads.  The facility is off the electrical grid and is powered by solar and wind generation with back-up diesel generator.  During the colder seasons heat is provided by a centralized wood boiler.

The JPRF is largely accessible during the snow-free season by gravel roads supported by a network of ATV and hiking trails.


A traditional camp and pithouse, that was built by Tl’azt’enne youth in 2004 features two pithouses and interpretative signage explaining pre-contact Tl’azt’en lifestyle. 

There are many recreation opportunities on the JPRF now and more being developed annually. As a number of the structures are newly acquired, they are in a variety of conditions. There are 11.5 km of existing hiking trails and approximately 40km of proposed trails intended to be built over the next 3 years. Of the existing trails, there is a 6km piece of trail with a traditional campsite.

The Cinnabar Research Station, acquired in Spring of 2002, has existed as a wilderness resort for the last 35 years. There are 5 cabins and the main office which all face out onto the bearutiful Tezzeron Lake on the northern edge of the JPRF. With opportunities for fishing, hiking, biking, bird watching, boating, x-county skiing, snowshoeing and other opportunities, recreation here is limited only by the visitors imagination